Professional Financial Planning Services

SMSF Strategic Advisors offers a range of professional financial planning services including, but not limited to: Self-Managed Superannuation Funds, Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements, Retirement Planning, Superannuation Advice, Personal Insurance, Estate Planning and Succession Planning Advice.

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds

Advise clients on the suitability of a SMSF, assist with the establishment of a SMSF, wind up of a SMSF, strategies to implement to help increase your wealth in your SMSF and assist you in minimising any tax payable.

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Superannuation Advice

Be informed about the best option for your superannuation. SMSFs are not for everyone. Our professional advice will be tailored to your circumstances.

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Retirement Planning

Plan for your retirement today and piece together your future pathway to wealth; it’s never too early or too late to start.

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Personal Insurance Advice

Personal insurance is an essential tool to help protect you and your family from financial hardship, at times when you can least afford it.

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Limited Recourse Borrowing Arrangements

Borrow money within your SMSF to invest in commercial and/or residential property. Grow your assets and plan for financial security.

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Estate Planning and Succession Planning Advice

Protect your family and their future with professional estate planning and succession planning advice.

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Self-Managed Superannuation Fund

For those who don’t already know SMSF stands for self-managed superannuation fund, which is one of the many superannuation options available on the market today. Rita Zappulla, owner of SMSF Strategic Advisors, has extensive superannuation, taxation and financial planning experience, especially when it comes to creating, administrating and reporting on SMSFs.

The main difference between a SMSF and other superannuation funds is that members of a SMSF are also trustees of the fund, which means it is run for their benefit and they are responsible for complying with the relevant taxation and superannuation laws. SMSFs are not for everyone and it is best to seek professional advice on this.

SMSF Strategic Advisors offer clients a comprehensive range of professional SMSF and financial planning services, including establishment of SMSFs, strategies to consider during the ownership of your SMSF and planning for pensions before you retire to ensure your SMSF is always complying with the relevant legislation. It is important for a SMSF to retain its complying status so it does not lose its favourable tax concessions and is working to your best advantage. SMSF Strategic Advisors work with a number of local accounting firms to assist you with the annual administration, compliance and audit requirements for your SMSF.

Rita Zappulla

Client Testimonials

Our first meeting with Rita was held a few days before Christmas. We were meeting with our bank manager to discuss some business restructuring options prior to my father-in-law leaving for overseas in the next few days. As our bank manager recommended Rita, we phoned her during the meeting to see if we could arrange an appointment. As I explained that we were trying to make some major decisions about our business and our self-managed super fund, Rita dropped what she was doing and came around to our home immediately to join our meeting. She asked very intuitive questions and listened intently before she gave some sound, direct advice that has helped our family know we could move forward financially and restructure the business to provide peace of mind to both sides of the family. From day one Rita’s enthusiasm, thoroughness, sound advice and absolute dedication to do her best for us has been undoubtably evident. We are very fortunate to have her as our financial planner and now our friend.

Jane Mitchell - Nordig NQ Pty Ltd

I have worked with Kerry for eleven years now and appreciate that she always hears my concerns with respect to financial security. Kerry genuinely cares about my financial plan and making sure that I am adequately covered and protected. It’s nice to speak with someone directly who is always on top of the current issues and removes the stress and complexity from financial planning and insurance.

Samantha Singh

I refer clients to Rita because she is very genuine, and she will tell clients what they need to hear, not necessarily what they want to hear. Rita has a huge amount of experience in business, accounting and investing. She not only talks the talk she walks the walk.

Greg Stanton - Principal Barrier Reef Accounting

Our accounting practice communicates with clients regarding their superannuation and retirement goals. We are also often asked about borrowing through self-managed super funds, or we may identify planning opportunities for clients using their super. Whilst we can identify these issues or opportunities exist, we do not have the expertise to advise or deliver outcomes. That’s where Rita comes in. Having worked with Rita for many years, we are always confident to recommend her services. She works closely with us and provides thorough and practical advice to our clients. This strengthens our client relationships because they are getting results.

Miriam Eagle FCPA - Partner – Eagle Accounting, Cairns

Having been self-employed for the majority of my working life I have always been very focused on my business, but never seemed to find the time to plan for retirement. An opportunity came up to purchase the office I was renting, and I looked into buying it through a SMSF. After some research it seemed far too complicated and I had almost given up when I found Rita. From the first meeting it was very evident Rita had all the answers. I needed to set up a SMSF and borrow to purchase the office, and with a positive and proactive approach Rita made the whole process easy. Thank you Rita – rather than paying rent each month I am now getting one step closer to retirement.

David Jaunzems - Cairns Beaches Realty

Rita’s service is thorough and personalised. She leaves no stone-unturned – and discovered several ways for us to save money rapidly, without sacrificing our lifestyle. Would I recommend Rita? Absolutely!

Mark and Belinda Allen

Rita, the “nine year” plan we undertook when you first set up our SMSF is now completed. As of October 2018, our pension/SMSF is totally tax free to the kids. Thanks!

Patsy Bilic - Silkwood

An arms-length referral by another professional is one of the greatest compliments that could ever be given. You are effectively trusting that your clients will be looked after with respect and the highest possible quality professional and personal service available. The risk of a bad experience for a disgruntled client could result in collateral damage back to our practice. I have been referring clients to Rita for a number of years after meeting her through a mutual client. At that time, I was disillusioned with the financial planning space after receiving considerable negative feedback from clients. Looking back, referring clients to Rita has been one of the best business networking decisions I have made. The feedback from clients has been excellent and the communication between Rita and our office has been proactive for the benefit of our mutual clients. I have found Rita to be honest in her dealings with clients, ensuring that their best interests are a priority over and above any potential financial gain for her business. Vipiana & Associates are proud of our relationship with Rita and her team at SMSF Strategic Advisors and we look forward to many more years of working together for the benefit of our clients.

Allan Vipiana - Vipiana & Associates Accountants & Advisors

Thanks to Rita, I have finally started the process of financial planning. She was fantastic to work with. She made everything so easy to understand and her straight forward approach is so refreshing. Rita made sure it was easy for me to understand and has given me excellent strategies to work with. She got me thinking about planning for the future. When someone writes numbers on paper and it’s all black and white, we realise how many things we take for granted. She didn’t sugar coat anything, she said what our risk ratio is and what we need to minimise it, financial plans to keep our kids and maintain our lifestyle if things went wrong in life. Thank you Rita for sorting out our insurance and drawing up the financial plan. One step at a time.

Dr Anvitha Rao

Our firm was one of the lucky recipients of a signed copy of your book as a kind Christmas gift from Rod Harris at TeleBiz in Cairns. As the title and back cover grabbed my interest, I made a point of starting to read it after returning to work yesterday. Having now finished it, I just thought I should let you know how much I enjoyed reading it. Not only was it very relevant to the current circumstances of myself and Jodi, but it was clearly and succinctly written and easily understandable. It was very reassuring to understand, much more clearly than I previously have, the benefits of having in place our SMSF and how we can make this work for us much more effectively moving forward. As we have all the right tools in place, and now having a much better understanding of many of the options open to us in utilising the fund, and our investments, I’m inspired to take a much greater interest in this side of our affairs. I’m looking forward to focusing more on this during the coming months than I have previously done, and also to improving our investment strategies. Thanks so much for the great information and the inspiration.

Mark Peters - Peters Bosel Lawyers Cairns

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