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estate-planngPlanning for your family and their future is important. As well as laying the foundations for your own financially secure retirement, you want to make sure your family is looked after and this means much more than just having a valid Will.

Wills are only one aspect of estate planning. Indeed, if you do not have a valid Will, then it is possible that your assets and estate will be administered by the Public Trustee and this could cause unintended delays, costs and stress to your family in accessing their inheritance.

Estate planning gives you and your family peace of mind that everything is legally and professionally taken care of, protecting your assets and allowing their efficient distribution as you intend to happen. There are several aspects to be considered in estate planning including, but not limited to, Wills, Enduring Powers of Attorney, Asset Ownership and Business Structures. Effective estate planning allows for:

Two Common Estate and Succession Planning Mistakes

Rita Zappulla and SMSF Strategic Advisors work closely with Brien Leibinger Lawyers, and other lawyers in Cairns and Brisbane, to provide clients with comprehensive financial, estate planning and succession planning advice, tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, including business and family trust arrangements.

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